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Boxing Gym Alshawa

Get to know Boxing Gym Alshawa, a fine boxing gym in Groningen. Its the place to be wehre you will get in shape and will work on your boxing skills.


Boxing is a tactical fightsport that asks a lot of endurance. WIth boxing it is not only about power, but also about technique and condition. This makes this sport suitable for everybody that wants to work hard and be fit. Boxing a by far one of the best sports to lose weight, gain muscles and have good endurance. Everybody is welcome to have a free lesson or join a course! Contact us for more information.

Boxing Gym Alshawa

The founder and owner of Boxing Gym Alshawa is Abdulwahab Alshawa. Abdul is a former worldchampion amateur boxing and has a lot of fights on his name. Since April 2018 he is a profi-boxer and since then undefeated. SInce 1 October 2018 he founded Boxing Gym Alshawa and he started to give trainings at several locations. Nect to that he is still working on his personal boxing career.

At 31 August 2019 the doors of Boxing Gym Alshawa at Paulus Potterstraat 20 in Groningen opened. It is a local gym with a wide offer of facilities, like mixed grouplessons, personal training and fitness.


We offer memberships of 6 and 12 months. You can train as much as you want with this membership

8-weeks course

Do you want to find out if boxing is a sport for you? Try it now for 8 weeks and learn the right techniques in no-time


To have some relaxation next to the effort of boxing, we also have yoga classes.


Personal training

Do you rather train alone than in a group? Follow personal training and get coached by a worldchampion


About Abdul

Read here all about the owner and founder and former worldchampion, Abdulwahab Alshawa


Look here for the schedule and the prices.



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Speciaal bericht: In verband met COVID-19 is Boxing Gym Alshawa gesloten tot 6 april. Mededelingen en updates omtrent het virus zullen op de website en/of de Facebook pagina worden geplaatst.

Special announcement: Because of COVID-19 Boxing Gym Alshawa will be closed till at least April 6th. Announcements and updates according the virus will be published on this website and/or the Facebook page.